> MOMA Warsaw PL

Project by: Beat Gugger, Rudolf Steiner, Joanna Warsza

Special guests:
Christian Kerez, Agnieszka Kurant, Lech Nowicki, Jakub Szczesny, Hubert Trammer, Jaroslaw Trybus, Directors of Traders Shopping Gallery, Theater Schauplatz International and more

Come join us for a curatorial guided tour in the Museum drawn with a chalk in front of the Palace of Culture! You will be guided through the parking lot, the park and inside the Supermarket - locations where Warsaw MOMA is going to be build one day.

The starting point for the exhibition is Ernst Bloch's philosophy about human ability to dream. The exhibition includes Bloch's sentences projected on huge screens ("Which would be the existence of humans without the dreams they preserve and maintain?"), Verner Panton's designed rooms, Fritz Lang's computers and robots form Metropolis or the monument of the Third International by Vladimir Tatlin.

Each tour will encounter a special guest such as Jaroslaw Trybus, an expert on Warsaw's unrealized architecture or Christain Kerez himself passing accidentally by. The walk will also include a talk with one of the traders from Supermarket for whom building of the Museum means lack of job.

The project was initially realized in Switzerland, when scheduled show on 'Visions and Utopias' in Kunsthalle Langenthal has suddenly been cancelled. Everything was planned and concrete in the curators head already - so it suggested itself to be realized nevertheless. The exhibition became a performance in the middle of an industrial area. The showrooms were drawn with football field marking truck. Objects and pictures could not be seen but were explained by the curator and visualized in the audiences mind, piece by piece, room by room. The exhibition disappeared and remained only as a memory.

Warsaw performance invites for a walk in the ideal museum - projected by the power of imagination. One can walk in the organic architecture, in the modernist building or in any other construction or dimension. Finally the show refers also to the lines on the playground which had once meant so much.

supported by:
Swiss Art Council Pro Helvetia and Polish Architects

Foundation collaboration: Grzegorz Moskala, Piotr Pindor, Bartek Tylman (Architecture Department)


When the ticket bought you can return to the Museum 24h per day

19 and 20 May 2007, starting point: Marcpol parking-lot behind Traders Shopping Gallery

guided tours 16.00, 18.00, 20.00, 22.00 p.m in Polish/German
Sunday 14.00 - special guided tour in Schweizerdeutsch

Museum entrance fee: 10 zl — Saturday 22.00 - free, part of Museum Night — 60 min.

Pro Helvetia